Other Services

Hardwood finial and bargeboard restoration.

Our team is also on hand to offer help with all other aspects of roofline repairs and installations.

  • Replacement of fascias and soffits in timber, aluminium or uPVC
  • Repair or replacement of downpipes in plastic and sectional aluminium
  • Restoration of timber work (corbels, bargeboards etc.)
  • Minor roof and chimney repairs

Replacement timber corbels

We understand that seamless aluminium is not suitable for every installation. In situations where gutters are connected to neighbouring properties and terminations are not possible it is usually advisable to replace like with like.  Attempting to connect systems of differing materials is not advised.  If, after a feasibility assessment, we conclude that timber, plastic or sectional aluminium replacements are more appropriate we are more than happy to quote on this basis.

Hopper & square pipe

Rainwater goods in square and round sections.

Hopper with date

Custom fabricated cast aluminium hoppers.